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CMDLine - Helps get command line and parameters of any program

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CMDLine is a free tool program that will help you to get the command line information of any program. The command line information includes the path to the executable file of the program and the command line parameters.

It is so easy to use this tool: launch it, then move mouse to any window of the program you want to get its command line, the information will be shown in the main window of the CMDLine tool.

CMDLine will show the full command line information about the programs, for example, the following are the command line information of Windows Explorer (Normally Windows Explorer starts with no parameters):


If you double-click at a text document "C:\My Folder\MyFile.txt" to open the file with Notepad, CMDLine will show the command line information:

C:\Windows\Notepad.exe C:\My Folder\MyFile.txt

  • CMDLine is a FREEWARE, it's free for noncommercial use.
  • Want more help? Please contact us.

Quick Guide

CMDLine does not need to be installed, you download the zip file, then extract it to any of your folders, and double-click the CmdLine.exe to use it. To get the command line for a program, move the mouse to any window of that program.

Copy the command line information to clipboard:

Click Copy to copy the captured command line information to clipboard.

Stop/Start CMDLine at any time:

Click Stop then CMDLine will no longer get the command line information when you move mouse, and the button will become Start. Click the same button again, CMDLine will continue to get the command line information when your move mouse.



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