ExSleep is a very simple tool and has no GUI. To change configuration, modify its .ini file directly.

If you are used to put your computer to sleep manually, and do that a lot of times every day, then you'd like ExSleep. Otherwise, it is useless to you.

You can put ExSleep on desktop, and double-click it to sleep the computer.

With filters, it can avoid sleeping computer if there are running programs that shouldn't be interrupted (it actually is the *only* reason we decided to create such a simple tool).

Avoid sleep by mistake

One big problem of Windows build-in sleep button is, it always forces computer to sleep, even when there are tasks that shouldn't be interrupted, e.g. downloading.

It is very much possible that you just forgot those tasks, at the time when you decided to put your computer to sleep.

ExSleep uses filters to avoid the problem. When you launch ExSleep, it first checks all running programs, and won't sleep the computer if there are programs that match any filter.

ExSleep doesn't have GUI, so you need to modify the ExSleep.ini directly if you want to use filters, add one or more filters under section [filters], one filter per line. A filter can be:

* To use regular expression, keyword regexp: must be in front of a filter.

Use desktop shortcut

You surely can create a shortcut of ExSleep on desktop, so that you can easily use it by double-clicking. You also can use commmand line parameter -h or -hibernate to hibernate system instead of sleeping. Of course if you want, you can create two shortcuts for both sleep and hibernating.

Download ExSleep

Please feel free to download and use ExSleep. It is totally free.