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Make windows transparent.

Unlike Windows Vista/7 Aero, TransWin can set transparency to the whole client area of any windows. It can also make task bar, start menu, pop up menu etc. to be transparent. It can be used to set transparency under Windows 2000/XP too.

Password Master

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Password manager and generator.

Create personal databases to manage your passwords and other private data. The databases are encrypted by AES-256 with master passwords you specified. Your databases are saved locally on your disks only, eliminate the possibility of leaking your passwords or private data on the internet. It also provides a powerful yet easy-to-use password generator helps create secure passwords.

Free, classic search tool.

XSearch provides more features than Windows Search, works in classic way without indexing service, supports filename and word options such as "Any of the words", "All of the words", "Exact phrase", "Without the words", case sensitive, supports searching files by specified size, date time.


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Compare folders, zip, rar and 7z archives.

ExCompare is a comparison tool to compare folders and file archives such as zip, rar, 7z. It's designed for helping find out differences between two folders, two file archives, or a folder against a file archive. With its fast mode, ExCompare can greatly reduce data read operations and save lots of time when comparing large files.

Easexp Settings Backup (ExSB)

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Back up, restore, sync Windows and program settings.

ExSB is a tool to back up, restore, sync Windows system settings such as date time, formats, wallpaper, colors, taskbar, group policy, firewall rules, disabled services, tasks, events... and the settings of popular programs such as Office, Firefox, Edge, Chrome etc.

If you are used to put your computer to sleep manually, and do that a lot of times every day, then you'd like ExSleep. Otherwise, it is useless to you.

You can put ExSleep on desktop, and double-click it to sleep the computer. With filters, it can avoid sleeping computer if there are running programs that shouldn't be interrupted.