Password Master

Password manager and generator.

Create personal databases to manage your passwords and other private data. The databases are encrypted by AES-256 with master passwords you specified. None can access your databases without the correct master passwords.

You can create as many databases as you want, and transfer data between them freely. Your databases are saved locally on your disks only, eliminate the possibility of leaking your passwords or private data on the internet.

Password Master also provides a powerful yet easy-to-use password generator helps create secure passwords.

Password Master
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Create as many databases as you want

Databases are actually local files. You can create any number of databases to save different types of private data.

Protected by master password and encrypted using AES-256

Every database is encrypted using AES-256 with the master password you specified. None can open the database without correct master password.

The master password is not saved in the database or anywhere, and therefore it's not possible to hack the database.

Local files are always better than online

You have heard many times that passwords were leaked because of online services were hacked. Password Master only saves your databases locally on your disks, because we never trusted online services such as network storage.

Local files can also be backed up easily.

Of course, you always can upload database files manually to online storage if you prefer to.

Password Generator

Password Generator

Password Master provides a powerful yet easy-to-use password generator to help create secure passwords.

There is no need to explain how to use it, because all options explain themselves.

You don't even need to adjust those options. The default values suit most cases.

Other features

More features can be discovered during using Password Master, or see the online help.

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