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Getting Started

You do not have to learn how to use this software. It will automatically set the default transparency to all windows when you launch the software.

You can change the Global Transparency at any time, by dragging the slider bar in the Global page.

To set different transparency levels to individual windows or programs, you can use the filters.



The Global page lets you control the global transparency, which will apply to all windows in the system. You can drag the slider bar to change the global transparency.

If you drag the slider bar to the leftmost position, global transparency will be disabled and no transparency will apply.

The transparency for special programs and windows defined in the filters will not be affected by the global transparency.


Filters can be used to set different levels of transparency to special programs and windows. For example, if you set the global transparency to 40%, and use a filter notepad with transparency value of 75%, then all notepad windows will be set transparency to 75%, rather than the global value 40%.

Filters can also be used to disable transparency for special programs and windows. In the example above, if you set the transparency to 0% (disabled) for the filter "notepad", all notepad windows will not be set transparency when you set transparency to all other windows.

On the other hand, you can also set transparency to special programs or windows, when the global transparency is disabled.

A filter can be the program's exe file name, or the full path of that exe file; it can also be the title of the window. Since filters support wildcards, you can use one single filter to specify transparency for multiple windows or programs.

Filter examples:


Do not show icon on system tray bar

TransWin will add an icon to the system tray bar (notification area) when it's running. You can double-click on that icon to activate the main window of TransWin, or right-click on the icon to use its shortcut menu. If you enable this option, TransWin will not show the icon.

Once this option is enabled, you can not bring back the main window of TransWin if it was hidden, because there is no icon. But you can launch TransWin again, this will cause it to show its main window again.

Enable TransWin automatically at system startup

If you enabled this option, TransWin will be automatically launched each time you log in to your desktop.

Use safe mode

TransWin's safe mode is actually the old way to set transparency to windows in version 1.0. TransWin 2.0 uses new technology to set transparency to windows, which will use less system resources.

You can enable this option to let it use the old working way, if the software doesn't work on your computer.

If transparency didn't work for menus, and you want to use transparent menus, you can try to enable safe mode, and add a filter #32768.

Enable super-trans mode

In order to avoid problems, the maximal transparency ratio is 80% by default. This is because if you set the global transparency to 100%, the windows on your desktop can barely be seen, and it will be very hard to operate those windows.

If you enabled this option, then the maximal transparency ratio will be changed to 99%. This can be useful for someone who wants to set windows to be totally invisible. It's not recommended to enable this option.

Use a password to protect TransWin

For a program like TransWin, you normally don't the need password protection feature. We provide this feature because we think it's always good to have more choices.

You enable this option, then it will ask you to set a password. The password will protect some of the features provided by TransWin, such as launching it, showing its main window, disabling/enabling it.

Note: Only when the main window is hidden, will this password be asked.

Hotkey to enable/disable TransWin

You can set a hotkey here, so that it can be used to enable/disable the transparency to all windows, without the need to bring up the main window and drag the slider.

Purchase & Register

TransWin is not freeware. Please purchase a license to support us if you enjoy it.

You do not need to download any additional file after purchased the software. We will send you the registration information after you placed an order. You can then use the registration to register the installed trial version, to convert it to paid version.

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